The Town of South Fork is located in Rio Grande County, Colorado. South Fork was incorporated in 1992, making it the "youngest" town in Colorado. It is governed by a board of seven members, elected by local voting citizens. (This board meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Community Building). Additional committees include Planning & Zoning, and Land Development Steering.

Running a Business in South Fork:
Business owners are required to obtain a sales tax number from the State of Colorado AND an Operating License from the Town of South Fork. A Retail Sales License, Retail Liquor License or Raffle/Bingo License may also be necessary. Contact the Town Clerk for more information at (719) 873-0152

Starting Business in South Fork
South Fork has active business organizations and a community foundation.  As the first Colorado Gateway Community for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, South Fork fully supports stewardship of public lands, community initiatives for sustainable economic development, and healthy lifestyles for all citizens.  South Fork has broadband and fiber optics to support entrepreneurial enterprises, and home based businesses abound in South Fork.  If you would like to improve your lifestyle, come here to live with adventure and work in peace and tranquility.  Much more information about relocating or starting your own business in South Fork is available through the Upper Rio Grande Economic Development organization. Visit the URGED here for help and useful information.  [ ]

South Fork Stats:

Total Year-Round Population 1148
Average Age: 53
Total Households: 542
Average Household Size: 2.11
Total Housing Units: 1707
Year-Round Occupied Housing Units: 542
Housing Units for Seasonal, Recreational or occasional use: 1091

South Fork Taxes

Sales Tax
2.9% State
2.6% County
2.0% Town
7.5% TOTAL

Lodging Tax - A 1.9% County Lodging Tax is collected by the State.

Services and Amenities

South Fork Town Hall
 - 100 Silver Thread Lane
, P.O. Box 369
, South Fork, CO 81154
 - (719) 873-0152 and Fax (719) 873-5039

South Fork Police Department
 - 100 Silver Thread Lane, 
PO Box 369
, South Fork, Colorado 81154
 - (719)873-1030

Electricity Provider: San Luis Valley Rural Electric

US Post Office: 873-5611

Sanitation - South Fork Water & Sanitation District: 873-5860

Trash Disposal: MDS, Solid Waste Removal: 658-3060 or Waste Management: 852-2672
Landfill: 852-3810, 6 miles west of Monte Vista

Water - South Fork does not have a centralized water system. Please check with your subdivision (some have water systems), or find out about private well drilling.

Newspaper: South Fork Tines - Produced weekly by Valley Publishing (719) 852-3531 Visit:

Rio Grande County Information: - Property Tax, Divers License, Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration, and more


Visit the South Fork Visitor's Center for more info: