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La Garita Mountain Nursery

Hwy 160 (West of Shaw Creek Rest Area)
South Fork
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We specialize in cold hardy, drought resistant plants for the San Luis Valley.Open beginning in May: Mon. – Sat. 9:00 – 5:00Come see our great selection of annuals, hanging baskets, planters, perennials, spruce trees, aspens, shrubs, and other deciduous trees. Download our PDF Brochure Here Visiting with existing customers and meeting new gardeners is the best part of our business. We love discussing gardening challenges and creating the perfect yard for your family. We are a full service nursery providing plant material as well as mulch, potting soil and compost. We also have a wonderful selection of clay pots, garden antiques, fertilizers, garden tools, and SloggersTM gardening shoes and hats. Hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, shrubs, spruce trees, aspens, deciduous trees Trees Spruce TreesOur Colorado Spruce trees are nursery grown and range in color from native green to brilliant blue. We carry spruce in many sizes (3’-9’). Picking your spruce is like a Colorado sunrise. No two are alike.Deciduous TreesThe deciduous trees available at our nursery are selected for their hardiness. Many of our trees are zone 3 or 4, with our most popular deciduous tree, the Canada Red Chokecherry, rated at a zone 2.Aspen TreesAspen trees are great for this area. They provide a natural look, grow quickly and provide great fall color. Some of our aspen trees are dug in the forests in Southern Colorado and others are nursery grown. Many sizes are available Flowers Hanging Baskets and PlantersWe grow some hanging baskets and planters in our greenhouse and select a variety of other hanging baskets and planters from other greenhouse growers. This gives us a large selection of styles and flower choices for every gardening taste.AnnualsMany of our annuals are sold in jumbo 6 packs or individual 4” round containers. This gives you well developed plants that will give you great success in your garden. Not only do we carry traditional annuals, but we also carry unusual annuals that will add a little spark to your container gardens and flower beds.PerennialsOur perennial selection includes old favorites like columbine, salvia, poppies, lupine, and lilies, and we are always searching for new varieties that will provide interesting additions to your garden. This year we have over 80 perennial varieties. Shrubs Shrubs are some of the unsung heroes for your garden and yard. They provide a great way to add color, height, and texture. We offer shrubs that flower, provide fall color, have berries, and some that are simply interesting to look at. Amy’s Closet Amy’s Closet is our gift shop that has a wide variety of clay pots, SloggersTM gardening shoes and hats, flower seeds, gardening tools, and many fun gifts for gardeners and flower lovers. We also have gardening, including mulch, compost, potting soil, fertilizers, fountains, and bird baths. Gardening Antiques We think it is fun to have interesting items in the garden. We continue to find unique things that can be placed in your garden or to use as a planter.
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