Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are more than just cool winter sports.  They are a body builder, a bottom sculptor, a shoulder shaper, but most importantly, its fun!  The mountain environment is an invigorating natural cocktail: exquisite scenery, forces of nature, fresh air…producing a healthy mind, body and soul.  With thousands of acres of national forest to explore, some of the best and most peaceful places to nordic ski and snowshoe can be found in the mountains of South Fork, CO.

Unlike alpine skiing, cross-country is easier to learn. Equipment is lightweight and not intimidating. Then, there’s even an easier route to your feeling of well being. Snowshoeing. If you can walk, you can snowshoe!

Largest Tree Cross Country Ski Trail  -  1/2 mile : Moderate+
Big Meadows Road  -  5 miles : Easy / Moderate
Bristol Head Peak Road #532   -  15 miles : Easy
Burro Creek Cross Country Trail  -  17 mi : Moderate / Hard
Lime Creek Cross Country Trail  -  3.5 miles : Easy / Moderate
Pool Table Road   -  Scenic : 9.4 miles : Moderate
North Clear Creek Road #510  -  11.5 miles : Hard
Rock Creek Area Cross Country Ski Area  -  11 miles : Easy
Tweksberry Cross Country Ski Trail  -  5 miles : Moderate
Wolf Creek Ski Area   -  10 miles Groomed Trails -