mines bachelor loopThe area has a rich history of mining, logging, ranching, farming and outdoor recreation. Furthermore, the area was originally inhabited by the Ute Indians, and explored and settled by the Spanish. For those who are interested in learning more, there are several museums and historical sites in the area.

For a list of museums: http://www.museumtrail.org/

Rio Grande County Museum

For a list of “trips” within the San Luis Valley: http://www.slvheritage.com/heritage-maps-and-trips/suggested-trips.1

A good overall history of the San Luis Valley: http://www.kscland.com/slv_history/

Historic Mining Town of Creede:  www.creede.com/recreation-activities/museums-historic-sites.html and

Summitville Mining Ghost Town: http://www.rockymountainprofiles.com/Summitville%20Colorado.htm